DCS Server Hosting

Run in the cloud. Pay only for what you use.

Upload a .miz mission file

What is cloud hosting?

Services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure offer on demand compute resources. These services can be used to run DCS Server.

Why the cloud?

Geo-locate to minimise latency

By choosing a hosting location that is in the middle of all the players, and or close to internet exchanges, latency can be minimised.

Pay only for what you use

Hosting can be as short as 1 hour. Hosting only when needed can be cost effective when compared to 24x7 hosting.

Why ready-room.net?

ready-room.net provides a simple to use on demand service to orchestrate compute resource provisioning with DCS in a cost effective way.

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Hi Folks, I'm considering shutting the service down due to lack of interest, but before then I'll try putting it forward once more since I still do think some folks would find value in it. Let me start with that I've hosted missions with the Flying Kiwis squadron for over a year now, about 3 times a week each for about 3 hrs a session averaging around 15 pilots. The average bill I get each month…

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I've been practicing navigation with a time reference and found peeking at my watch whilst using VR to be pretty awkward. So I've popped togeather a stopwatch overlay based on the SRS overlay. preview DCS_Stopwatch.zip

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I originally looked into AWS when I noticed the pings in my group were skewed and figured it might be a cheap way to geographically centralise the DCS server to get smoother play for epic formation flying. Since we'd only be online for a few hours at a time, a way that avoided the expense of an always-on service was appealing. Let me show you how, directly with AWS. You will need an AWS account…

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I've decided to consolidate service for now to Sydney and N. Virginia, due to a lack of interest. If you would like the service supported in your region, please let me know via discord https://discord.gg/hURRqGP. There are overheads when offering the service in a region. I need to maintain assets in the local aws data center. This includes the operating system image for running DCS, as well as DCS…

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Migrating from Amazon's EBS network storage to local SSDs has been working really well. However during a busy mission I still observed a spike in disk / drop in network and associated pause, but it was kind of expected as it was right as a whole bunch of units were getting loaded in. A ramdisk is a configuration where ram is presented to the operating system as though it we're a disk. An…

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It was a bit a surprise to me, but after actually having monitored the performance of a few sessions now with a decent (~15) number of pilots I've found that disks are the performance bottleneck rather than CPU or memory. In the sim we experienced some pauses / desyncing, but the corresponding observed performance was a sudden increase in disk activity with a corresponding dip in network activity…

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I've spent my time this month testing the hosting service, using it in earnest with my local squadron. There is lots of room for improvement, but hosting is functional so I think its time to see if there is any demand for it. On AWS there is a small overhead in storage and data transfer between regions, so I've decided to just start with US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), Asia Pacific…

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