Tacview, Track and Logs

Saving DCS server data

Hi Folks,

I've made some improvements to how Tacview data is collected, and am now also making track and log files available as well. These files can be accessed after the instance has terminated from the mission page.


Tacview is the popular 3rd party application and mod for reviewing flights. Recording the tacview data on the server has a couple of advantages:

  1. There is no lag or latency introduced into the recorded data.
  2. The data doesn't need to be sent to the clients. This can result in a smoother DCS experience due to the reduced load on the network, server and client. Note that 'export' needs to be disabled on the server to take advantage of this. When scheduling a mission with ready-room this is done by unchecking 'Full Tacview export'. Otherwise export can be disabled via the DCS Server Dashboard.

DCS Server Dashboard export options


The .trk file is DCS's native format for recording a mission. The .trk file can be replayed via the replay function in DCS. The replay function is a great way to make videos. The advantage of capturing the server's .trk file is that it may be more reliable than a client recorded .trk file. ALPHA - WHISKEY has a great youtube video explaining this.


Keeping the server logs will help me improve ready-room over time. I've found recently in some missions run that Tacview recording hasn't worked. Having the logs available will help me address this. I'm also hoping I can can find some trends that might help better measure server performance.



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